Merry and Bright

I have never needed much encouragement to have the odd tipple. As a seasoned drinker, I have thankfully moved on from the Sainsbury’s Basics Rose of my youth (£2.53 a bottle in my university days and worth every penny!) to, what I hope is, a more refined palette. When we moved into our new home I was determined to have the bar of my dreams – and while that has not yet materialised, a well-stocked bar cart is certainly a strong start. And so to Christmas offerings. I am no great fan of mulled wine but hot spiced rum punch is a great alternative, guaranteed to wipe away the cobwebs – or perhaps a Notsovulgartini for a more sophisticated offering.


1. Fill a cocktail shaker 3/4 with ice.
2. Add juice of 1 whole lime.
3. Add 1 shot cointreau, 2 shots spiced rum, 4 shots apple juice.
4. Shake, strain and serve.

Always makes me merry and bright (cheeked).


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