The Pursuit of Happiness

Ok, so firstly let me clarify: I am not unhappy.

Reading back my introduction last night with Mr M made me feel a little uncomfortable. I felt a right old moaner – and frankly what have I got to moan about? I have a fantastic boyfriend (seriously – GOAT!), a good job and we bought our first house together earlier this year. Life is good. I just think it could be better. I WANT to read those books I promised myself I would (FYI, Sapians has currently been next to my bed for at least 2 months awaiting its turn), I WANT to travel and visit fabulous places and I definitely WANT to throw extravagant dinner parties like Nigella.

Unfortunately, I am the type of person to make plans and pray that they get cancelled at the last-minute. I love coming home, putting my pjs on and settling down for the evening with a film. I love bling, Harry Potter, the Kardashians, interior design,  Elizabeth Taylor and crap films. On the other hand, I do suffer from the major problem that most people suffer from these days – comparison-envy. I love reading about other people’s lives – instagram stalking and the like – but then unavoidably feel down and envious of their sprawling mansions, perfect manicures and chic lifestyles (something that drives Mr M mad). I prefer the likes of for really telling it like it is and that’s what I want to do here. An honest blog to make me happy – but hopefully anyone who reads it as well.

Therefore, over the next 360-odd days I will be trying new things, old things and all things – all in the pursuit of happiness.










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