I couldn’t help but wonder…

So I am a massive Sex and the City fan. I can happily quote from any episode and I know the first film by heart (the less said about the second film the better I think…). As a student, I used to love binge watching episodes and could easily see myself as one of the girls (Samantha will always be my favourite!). However, as I get closer to their ages, I relate less and less to the characters. Perhaps its because I am not out on the “dating” scene (Mr M and I have been together for 7 years), or perhaps because I don’t live anywhere as exciting as NYC. The problems in their lives are not the same problems in mine.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love watching it as pure escapism (same with KUWTK) but its not quite the same. I have never been a fan of Carrie to be honest. She is far too whiny and narcissistic. Samantha is fabulous – in a fun cartoon character kind of way, Miranda’s pessimism hits me on a personal level but Charlotte is too fussy (although I am loving #WokeCharlotte on instagram at the moment).

I couldn’t help but wonder, when did I get old?

So as I count down towards the end of the year and prepare myself for my “year of me”, another part of my vow to myself is to avoid feeling old (for Christ’s sake I am NOT old despite my penchant for PJs and nights in). I will go out more and possibly drink on school nights. I will waste money on incredibly inappropriate footwear. I will make sure I go to see my girlfriends more often. I will.

P.s If you are ever in NYC – I thoroughly recommend Sangria 46 at 338 W 46th Street for tapas and drinks – if only for the staff!


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