Away with the fairies…

As I continue my countdown to the new year, I keep thinking about what I wish I had done differently this year. One thing that always comes up is: travelling.

In 2018, I will travel. I have long been jealous of people who seem to jet-off at the drop of the hat and visit the most beautiful locations. Being a teacher, I am bound to the dreaded school-holiday stampedes (and the accompanying price hikes!) so inevitably we end up booking the same holidays year after year.

To be honest, I am terrible planner. I always form grand schemes for trips and holidays and then back out before we book anything. The one exception was our trip to New York a couple of years ago. Fed up with house hunting, we thought fuck-it and took the plunge. Next year however, I am determined to make the most of my holidays (I get plenty of time off afterall!). We are starting the year with a trip to Berlin (to celebrate Mr M’s 30th). He’s a massive history nerd so visits to the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag Building will be a must. I’ve been perusing the recommended locations to visit to make the most of our short visit.

Later in the year we have a wedding to attend in Rhodes. It will be our first wedding abroad so I am not exactly sure of what to expect other than dealing with the uncomfortable heat whilst trying to not look a sweaty mess in the wedding photos. I always loved Greek mythology as a child, so what better opportunity to do a bit of travelling? We will be heading over to the mainland to visit Athens, the Parthenon and Acropolis.

So to 2018 – the year of me (on tour!).


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