Day 1 – Happy New Year?

So here we are – it is officially day one of my year of me. So, a quick update:

Thanks to our general laziness and lack of organisation, New Year’s Eve for us consisted of watching some films on the sofa with a bottle of prosecco, essentially waiting for the clock to hit midnight so that we could go to bed. How depressing is that? It also coincided with a return to the “let’s eat loads of rubbish so that we can start the year fresh with healthy eating” mentality. Brilliant logic. To top it all off, Mr M started to grumble about feeling unwell and woke up this morning with a stinking cold. Happy New Year!

However, I am not letting that put a dampener on things. This morning I dragged Mr M out of bed for a brisk walk round to the lovely park in town (we’ve since had to return home for Mr M to go to bed… feeling slightly guilty now!) and I am laying out my plan of action for the year.

As I said before, I am not making any “New Year’s Resolutions” – they never work, I never stick to them and they are usually the predictable cliches that most women my age will be spouting self-righteously today. Instead I am dedicating myself to me and I am off to a good start. I am consciously drinking more (water that is, not wine unfortunately) as I know I am totally rubbish at this generally (and occasionally border on medical levels of dehydration at times!), I am consciously thinking about what I eat (I managed to avoid the homemade waffles I made for Mr M from Nigella’s new book – a true hardship!) and I have consciously tried to avoid the dreaded insta-comparison this morning (I still looked, I just tried to not dwell!). Not earth-shattering admittedly, but hey-ho!

In an effort to help me keep track of my year, I have also downloaded the 1 second everyday app (£4.99, app store). I know I am late to the party and everyone uses it but I thought it would be a nice way to document my year and give me motivation when the inevitable sag in enthusiasm hits in a few weeks time. On a similar note, I have continued to trawl through Skyscanner (love!) and I spotted some fabulously cheap flights to Barcelona yesterday so I might have some exciting times this year.
Happy New Year indeed!

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