Day 13 – The Colour of Happiness.

During the hours spent scrolling through my instagram account (my usual guilty pleasure), stalking accounts like @comedowntothewoods and @thisstyle_rocks I had major interior-design-envy. And while I am not brave enough for dark walls in my already dark lounge just yet, I can’t help but be jealous of their homes. But more importantly, I noticed that just by looking at those bright blue rooms with accents of fuschia or hidden office spaces concealed behind bookcases (hello!), I felt… lifted? How could a few bright colours have such a noticable impact on my mood? It seems so silly.

And yet, I have noticed a sincere gloom since new years in the mornings and I am starting to feel a great sympathy with those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Cold, dark and wet mornings hardly set a cheery tone for the day – and it has really taken a lot of effort to get going in the morning. I am sat here longing for clear blue skies and sunny beach holidays several months too early. Therefore, as part of my happy year of me, I have decided to do some brightening of our house – with the idea that a bright and happy home will help me to feel bright and happy! Needless to say that this does not carry much scientific merit but I figure that it couldn’t hurt (whilst simultaneously keeping me busy – win win).

We got the keys to our first house just over a year ago and carried out fairly extensive renovations on it. But being keen to actually move in, we did not leave ourselves with much time for such apparently minor issues as paint colour. We were in the midst of decision making overload what with choosing our kitchen, bathroom and carpets etc. (all of which we were dreading making a “wrong” choice over as any mistake would not be easily rectified) so we panicked and went neutral. Don’t get me wrong – it is a vast improvement on the 1980’s green, pink and silver wallpaper that coated the entire downstairs – but it is hardly exciting.

So, how could I get some colour – if I am too afraid to paint? Well, to liven things up a bit, I chose a few bright accents (baby-steps here)- including this pompom garland in my very white kitchen:  I am also loving some neon pink at the moment – although I am struggling to find much in shops bar a few candles – if anyone has suggestions – please let me know! I have never been a pink kind of girl but there is something in your face about neon pink that genuinely puts a smile on my face. Its odd what makes some people happy isn’t it?

Also on my wishlist from Mr M is this badboy:  – God knows where I will put it but there is something about a gold octopus holding candles that, to me, just screams happiness.

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