Day 28 – How do you think?

I would love to say I’ve been incredibly happy recently but the truth is I’m struggling. Not because anything bad has happened. Not because things have gone wrong. I’m just fucking tired. Dog tired. Work has been manic. Parents evenings, weekend duties, mock exams, reports. The lot. Add in the fact I’ve not had a day off in two weeks (except today with involves a 5 hour round trip for a Christening) and a disastrous birthday evening it makes for one grumpy bugger.

My birthday went reasonably well to start- lovely gifts from Mr M, breakfast made for me, kids at work being sweet. However it ended with an exorcist- worthy vomiting display from my 3 month old niece, a cold takeaway and bed by 9.45. NOT the crazy parties of old.

And I so want to feel happy. But I have to admit it’s hard work. Mustering up the energy to feel positive is more than I feel capable of right now but I’m learning to focus on the good rather than the bad.

So let’s review the week again. Mr M and I went week-night bowling (a rare treat to leave the house on a school night!), I received lovely birthday wishes from my friends and family. I had my sister’s family round for a birthday meal. I got a pay rise (how did I forget that!?) and today we’re off to celebrate a beautiful baby with our close friends.

Its about how you think.

I’m beginning to believe that the pursuit of happiness is entirely what you make it.

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