Day 46 – Time

Time is such a tricky thing; I’ve never got the right amount. I’m either impatiently waiting for time to tick on or gripping tightly to passing seconds. Battling this and balancing life is not something I’m particularly skilled with and something I would like to work on.

I can’t say that I’m not sticking to my plan of “doing stuff” in 2018 – in fact we’ve been so frantically busy over the past few weeks that I can’t believe we are already half way through February! When did that happen? So for an update…

Mr M had his 30th party which – despite the worrying and a very late trip to Hobbycraft to replace the giant “0” helium balloon I managed to pop when decorating- went perfectly and we also found another “new” thing we are going to try (more about this later I think).

I suffered through the longest half term of my life (relatively unscathed) although more tired than I have ever felt in my life. A few early nights and decent lie ins sorted me right out though so I can hardly complain (*note to self – stop complaining so much!)

We are currently in Berlin, enjoying a very well deserved break and eating all the wurst variations we can find (SlimmingWorld has gone out of the window but hey ho!) Yesterday we had a late night trip up the Reichstag building dome which was fantastic (although admittedly I was the coldest I’ve ever been on the walk home!) We had a great meal at Schnitzelei in Mitte which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone visiting. We had the German tapas (basically so we could try as many different foods as possible) and it did not disappoint.

Today is a day for Fassbender and Rausch chocolate and some more sight seeing. One thing this trip has definitely confirmed for me is that we waste our lives saying we’d like to go here or there. Just bloody do it!

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