Day 49 – A pleasant change.

Sometimes you just have to take time out of your day and realise that you’ve got it good. Part of wanting to keep this record of my year was to remind myself to do exactly that. Appreciate the small things. Be grateful for what you have. Make the most of every single day. It’s not easy- sometimes you want to veg in front of the tv (no shame in that!) and moan about your woes. But they should be the odd moments, not the norm. You should celebrate your life and enjoy what you have. Today I’m doing that.

What brought on this particular moment of clarity? I was sat watching Scrubs re-runs (who doesn’t love that?!) just contemplating the back-to-work-tomorrow blues, thinking “I wish I had spent a few days doing nothing to relax this week”.

But why?

Why on earth would I want to have wasted my few days off doing nothing? For once, I’ve had an absolutely packed half-term; from leaving parties, to our trip to Berlin and my bestie coming to stay for the weekend. Why would I have wanted to waste that? I’ve had a fantastic (if exhausting) week and I should be feeling extremely happy right now that I am finally starting to make the most of my holidays from work and appreciating the smaller things. It’s a very pleasant change to be honest.

Speaking of which, there appears to be a few green shoots appearing in my front garden. Being the novice gardener, I optimistically planted all the bulbs I could find in the hope that something might grow and then, dutifully, forgot completely about them. Spring is clearly on its way.

Like I said, it’s a very pleasant change.


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