Day 57 – Sprung?

The sneak peak of spring-time that we saw this weekend gave me such a lift that it was almost sufficient to get me through a miserable, freezing and exhausting Monday at work. And even though I know we have snow on the way, it feels like the summer is a little nearer.

The nice weather actually kick-started some spring organisation in our house and I got a few jobs done that had been on the “to-do” list since goodness knows when. I painted the garage cupboards with some leftover blackboard paint and they turned out great and I even started my version of gardening (I carefully weeded around a plant for a good 10 minutes before realising that it was actually just another massive weed!) Garden-wise, we seem to have achieved very little since we moved in (despite the 21 builders-bags taken to the tip and the tree that was removed!) so now the house is in a decent state, this summer will be dedicated to gardening of all varieties (demolition mostly!)

Sunday, we went for a lovely afternoon tea for a colleague’s hen-do. Ashamedly, I did consider cancelling earlier in the day when a little anxiety kicked in but I persevered and really enjoyed myself (and all of the cake!) I sometimes find it hard to make myself do things when I would rather just shut myself  up indoors, but it always turns out totally worth it in the end.

Speaking of which, we finally booked our flights for the wedding in Rhodes and a return via Athens! I’m so proud of us for finally doing what we say we are going to do!

Spring has definitely sprung for me.



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