Day 76 – White over

This never-ending winter really does seem to be taking it out of me at the moment. Cancelled plans and days sat staring out of the window are not as fun as they once were. As much as I was shrieking with delight at the first few flakes of snow in December (praying for enough to warrant a snow day from work!) I’m now very much over it and can’t wait for the sun to make an appearance sometime soon! I have images of myself sunning myself in my immaculate garden (!) that need to become reality ASAP.

In terms of progress this year- I can’t quite believe how fast it is going. How are we 76 days in already? Mr M and I have been under the weather recently but we have tried to maintain the momentum that we started the year with. We tried yoga (thank you Yoga with Adriene!), we are booking weekends with friends when we can and we are off to Bristol next weekend for a BBQ course (him not me unfortunately but I fully intend to make the most out of his new skills!) I really want to book is both on a similar course but can’t decide on a single type of food!

On the even brigter side, only 5 days of work remain before a lovely long break. This term has been another killer in terms of stress and general energy levels so I am very much looking forward to the chance to get up late and most importantly MAKE THE MOST OF IT!

Speaking of which, today I bought myself a Pom Pom maker and now there isn’t a surface in the house not adorned with a woolly bobble of joy!

Come on Mr Sunshine! I’m impatient!



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