Day 77- Managing it all

The problem with work is that you spend so much bloody time there. I see my work colleagues far more than my friends and family so it’s a real struggle when you just don’t mesh.

This year I have been unfortunate enough to have a new head of department. Not because the old one left, but because he was forced to stand aside to get some “fresh” ideas in. Now, to be honest at the time that didn’t bother me half as much as it probably should have. I was intrigued to see this new “dynamic” leader and see what he had to offer. The reality unfortunately was very different.

Patronising is the word I most strongly associate with him. He is not management material in the slightest- he has managed to single-handedly alienate every member of the department whilst maintaining an air of conceited arrogance that does not match his abilities. Fresh ideas? None. Recycled government jargon? Tonnes of it.

Now teaching is not a job for lazy people, or people who don’t give a crap. There are far easier jobs that pay way more money out there. But unfortunately for me I felt that I had found my place. Finally at a school where I could grow into the miserable old battle axe of a teacher I have always longed to be. But this new situation has called that into question and that is what has really pissed me off. I am no manager- it’s one of those roles everyone thinks they can do as part of a natural career progression, but actually it’s a role that few are suited to. However, if I were- surely the basics are; Do the job you are paid to do- if you can do even more, brilliant. Don’t do things half arsed- if you’re going to do it, do it properly! And mostly- don’t expect people to do something that you wouldn’t be willing to do yourself. It’s teaching, not rocket science.

Apologies. Rant over.


P.s. Elizabeth is there because I need something pretty to look at to get me through a blue Monday. Image from google images


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